Wakeup Call: Kemp sums up Sterling mess perfectly

Wakeup Call: Kemp sums up Sterling mess perfectly
April 28, 2014, 8:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Monday, April 28:


NASCAR returns from its Easter break with a thriller at Richmond. (AP)


Matt Kemp found himself in the middle of the Donald Sterling mess when Sterling's mistress, V. Stiviano, said on the infamous tape that she thought Sterling would approve of her photo with Kemp because he's "lighter and whiter than me." And the Dodger outfielder has perhaps the best sum-it-all-up-quote when he says: "Racism is kind of old." (Yahoo! Sports)

Masahiro Tanaka was on the hook for his first regular-season loss since August 2012, but Mark Teixeira and old friend Jacoby Ellsbury bail him -- and the Yankees -- out. (AP)

Robinson Cano comes back to New York on Tuesday with the Mariners, and he further endears himself to the Bronx hordes -- who'd have been screaming for his head anyway -- by saying how much he enjoys playing in laid-back Seattle in comparison to being with the pressure's-always-on Yanks. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Those wails of panic you hear are from the nation's capital, as Bryce Harper heads to the disabled list. (AP)

I'd say Jose Abreu was a pretty good investment for the White Sox, wouldn't you? (CSN Chicago)

But he was overshadowed yesterday by a 29-year-old rookie, making his MLB debut after eight seasons in the minors, shutting down the Rays over 7 1/3 innings as the replacement for injured ace Chris Sale. (Yahoo! Sports)

Matt Garza has some advice for Jeff Samardzija: "Pitch your way" off the Cubs. And it can be done, since Garza did it. (CSN Chicago)

The Red Sox prevented Mark Buehrle from getting there Saturday, so Adam Wainwright becomes the first pitcher to reach the five-victory plateau this season as he leads the Cardinals over the Pirates. (AP) 

What is it with the Braves and 1-0 games? (AP)

The Orioles fear Chris Davis, on the DL because of an oblique strain, will be back later rather than sooner. (CSN Baltimore)


UCLA's Jordan Adams changes his mind and decides to enter the NBA Draft. (AP)

The newest rumored candidates for the Missouri coaching job: Ben Howland and Kim Anderson. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

First, who'd even want the jacket Jim Boeheim wore during his ejection at Duke? And second, who'd pay $14,000 for it? (College Basketball Talk)


With the list of schools ineligible for the postseason because of poor academic performance growing by the minute, will there be enough teams left to fill next year's bowl schedule? (NBC's College Football Talk)


So let's get this straight: A South Korean wins a tournament called Zurich in Louisiana. Now that's diversity! (AP)

Countrywoman Lydia Ko -- well, she was born in South Korea but raised in New Zealand -- joins Seung-Yul Noh in the winner's circle as she captures the Swinging Skirts Classic for her first LPGA tour victory. (AP)

Continuing our international theme, Dewi Claire Schreefel from The Netherlands pockets $100,000 for her hole-in-one yesterday at the Swinging Skirts. (AP)


The Blackhawks finish off the Blues, making St. Louis' victories in the first two games seem like they occurred in another lifetime. (CSN Chicago)

So what's next for the Blues in the wake of this crushing disappointement? Good question. (Yahoo! Sports)

Especially since most of them -- like T.J. Oshie -- felt that "this should have been the year" for them to win the Stanley Cup. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

There is some good news, anyway: Now Ryan Miller can attend his sister-in-law's wedding. (Pro Hockey Talk)

The Rangers are back in control of their series against the Flyers. (AP)

Don't get too excited, New York. Claude Giroux says Philly isn't looking at Game 6 "like it's the last game of our season." Well, I hope not; if they were, it'd mean they expect to lose. (Pro Hockey Talk)

But if the Flyers continue to do things like putting old friend Hal Gill -- a 39-year-old at the end of the trail who played in only six games all season -- on the ice, then it just might be their last game. (CSN Philly)

It wasn't quite as dramatic, since it didn't happen in Game 7, but the Ducks pulled off a comeback similar to the Bruins' seventh-game victory over the Maple Leafs last year and defeated the Stars in overtime, clinching their series. (AP)

Lindy Ruff's looking at the bright side in spite of the devastating loss, Not to rain on your parade, Lindy, but did you notice how Toronto did this year after suffering a similar defeat? (Pro Hockey Talk)

We know the Sharks have a history of this sort of thing in the playoffs, but if they ever blow a 3-0 series lead to the Kings . . .   (AP)


There's an extended version of the Donald Sterling tape, and it doesn't make the Clippers owner look any better. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

The players' union, meanwhile, is pressuring the NBA to act quickly -- and decisively -- in the matter. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Lost in the shuffle of the Sterling/Clippers firestorm is the fact that the Warriors played quite the game yesterday in evening their series at 2-2. (CSN Bay Area)

And one of the reasons was old friend Jermaine O'Neal willingly stepping aside to get younger, fresher legs into the lineup. (CSN Bay Area)

All those experienced veterans the Nets brought in to make a run at the title didn't do them a bit of good yesterday: Their offense disintegrated with the game on the line, as the Raptors shut Brooklyn out over the last five minutes and pulled away to an 87-79 victory that evened their series at 2-2. (AP)

The Wizards don't need Nene, as they beat the Bulls without their suspended forward and go up, 3-1, in the series. (CSN Washington)

The Blazers beat the Rockets in overtime to take a 3-1 series lead. (AP)

Both teams, however, are united in their support of the Clippers' players. (Yahoo! Sports)

The Zen Master and Steve Kerr begin the dance that will probably lead Kerr being named Knicks' coach. (Pro Basketball Talk)


Antonio Brown to Ryan Clark: You're no longer a Steeler, so shut up. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

You know how some teams refuse to sell tickets to people in certain area codes, to ensure opposition fans can't come to the game? This guy's filed a $50 million lawsuit against the NFL over that policy. (AP)

Troy Vincent, the league's new director of football operations, has some big ideas right out of the gate. No mention of where he stands on ticket sales to supporters of the visiting team, though. (AP)


Your weekend winners: Kei Nishikori in the Barcelona Open . . . (AP)

. . . and Maria Sharapova in the Porsche Grand Prix. (AP)