Valentine clarifies 'weakest roster' comments


Valentine clarifies 'weakest roster' comments

TORONTO -- Two days after labeling the current Red Sox "the weakest roster we've ever had in September in the history of baseball," manager Bobby Valentine walked the comments back,
issuing a clarification Sunday morning.

"The other day, when I made a comment about the September roster,'' said Valentine, "that wasn't meant to be a criticism of any players or anyone in the organization. It was just a statement of fact because of the injuries and our Triple A team being in the playoffs.

"This is different. We have less people than most September rosters. We have less positions filled than any September roster I've ever seen. If anybody thought that to be anything other than a statement than what it was...I stand corrected on that.

"Usually, a September roster has some starting pitcher who is waiting in the wings. Ours doesn't. Usually a September roster has a couple of lefthanded pinch-hitter types or pinch runners. Five or six outfielders. (We have) four outfielders. It's not like a September roster.''