Updated: Bard's friend found unharmed


Updated: Bard's friend found unharmed

By Maureen Mullen

Sunday update:

DETROIT -- Daniel Bard's childhood friend Matt Hill, whose disappearance last week prompted the Red Sox reliever to ask Saturday for public help in finding him, is "alive and unharmed," according to a Facebook page that was set up to aid the search.

The cryptic postings Sunday morning, however, shed little light into the incident.

"Matt Hill has been found and is alive. We do not have many more details to share at this time," was the first post, which went on the site at approximately 8:30 a.m. A bit later, a second post read: "We need to clarify. We confirm Matt has been found and is alive and unharmed. He also left on his own will. We don't have any answers. We praise God he is alive, but ask you continue to pray."

A total of 10,004 "liked" the page on Facebook, many of them presumably responding to Bard's public plea.

The original story:

DETROIT Daniel Bard usually talks to or texts with his childhood friend Matt Hill every couple of weeks. The Red Sox reliever keeps in touch with Hill as much as he does with any of the guys he grew up with.

Bard and Hill, an Indians fan, exchanged texts Monday before the start of the Sox' three-game series in Cleveland. Hill, a groomsman in Bards wedding, gave Bard some good-natured flak.

That was the last time Bard heard from Hill.

Hill, the director for Campus Outreach at George Washington University, has been missing since Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C. He was last dropping off a student he mentors and no one has seen or heard from him since. Hills debit card was charged at a gas station around 11:30.

It would be very unlike Hill to simply disappear, Bard said.

Extremely out of character, Bard said. Hes one of the most positive, outgoing, happy people Ive ever met and Im not just saying that. I think anyone whos met him would say that. He loves his job, loves the people he works with. Hes not married, nothing tying him down, nothing to run from. So thats why this all seems so strange. Hes a clean-cut guy, one of my best friends growing up, never done a drug in his life. So, were 99 percent sure that something external was involved.

And thats what makes the situation so difficult for Bard.

Its not easy, Bard said. I think the toughest day was Thursday, the day I found out about it, because it just kind of hit as a shock and now its become kind of a . . . mystery were all trying to figure out. Theres so few clues that weve seen. So we're just trying to figure out. Im trying to figure out myself. Guys on the team have been great, supportive, talking to me about it.

I havent considered leaving the team or anything, but at the same time I dont think I can go two minutes without thinking about it. But Ive done as much as I can to help, including trying to get you guys the media involved a little bit. Theyre trying to keep some things close to the chest as far as the investigation goes, but I . . . think you can spread his name and his story and his car information out and I think we need to get that information out as much as possible.

There has been some misinformation given out, one being that Hills car has been found. It has not.

Here is the basic information. A Facebook page has been set up to share information at: http:www.facebook.comfindmatthill

Matt Hill:
Last Seen Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Near Verizon Center, Washington DC, around 10:30 am

Last seen driving a
1996 Black Honda Civic LX
Car missing too

Please contact with any information you might have:

Family Contact: Holger Hill 704-839-9699
DC Metro Office Contact: RW Kennedy- 202-715-7300 (precinct number)
Detective McClam: 202-730-1903
Missing Persons Case 073-157
Detective in Montgomery County: Rod Stevens

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