Tomase: Will Yankees make a push to get Lester?

Tomase: Will Yankees make a push to get Lester?
July 15, 2014, 7:30 am
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The Red Sox are in a difficult spot with the Jon Lester negotiations.

If the veteran lefty hits the free agent market and the Yankees throw a ridiculous contract at him, what would the Red Sox do?

"They would politely decline and tip their hat and say 'good luck in pinstripes,'" said John Tomase. "He's going to get six [years] $150 [million] from someone, you know that he is. The Red Sox are not going to go near either one of those numbers."

Tomase doesn't believe Lester will be back with the Red Sox next season. Where did they go wrong?

"Their chance came in Spring Training with a legitimate offer," explained Tomase. "If they came in, with a minimum of five [years] and a minimum of $100 [million] I think they would have had a chance… You have to start there. Once they didn't start there, I think he's gone."