Speier: The Good/bad/ugly of Sox outfield

Speier: The Good/bad/ugly of Sox outfield
February 28, 2014, 7:15 am
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If Grady Sizemore is the Red Sox starting center fielder on Opening Day, after having not played since 2011, is that a bad sign? asks Michael Felger.

Doesn't that mean rookie Jackie Bradley Jr. wasn't able to win the job in spring training?

"No, it'd be a great sign," counters WEEI's Alex Speier. "It means [Sizemore] is probably showing the things he showed when he appeared to be one of the great players of his generation [while with the Cleveland Indians]."

More likely, Speier said, he sees the Sox riding out Bradley Jr.'s struggles - if he does indeed get off to a slow start - the same way they did Dustin Pedroia's in his rookie of the year season in 2007.

Another hypothetical from Felger: Supposed all three young Red Sox, Bradley Jr., Xander Bogaerts at shortstop and Will Middlebrooks at third, get off to slow starts?

"That would put them in a bit of a bind," Speier said. "Of course, you can make the same case if they had three struggling guys at any other number of positions."