Sox looking at historic lowMORE: Putting the Super Bowl behind us


Sox looking at historic lowMORE: Putting the Super Bowl behind us

The Sox are back at Fenway tonight, for the first time in 11 days, and on the heels of a road trip that saw as many wins as it did times the manager threatened to punch a radio host in the mouth.

And the standings reflect that.

Coming into tonight's tilt with Toronto, the Sox find themselves 14.5 games back in the AL East, 14 back in the Wild Card and, as far as this year goes, have nothing left to play for.

Well, except for pride. And while thats never been a major priority for this current crop of Sox, there has to be at least a little fight left in them, right?

If so, here's something to light a little fire under Boston's ass:

The 2012 Sox are on pace to finish this season with the worst record of any Red Sox team in nearly 50 years.


It breaks down like this: Over the last 30 games (a more than significant sample size), the Sox are 10-20. Thats a .333 winning percentage.

They also have 24 games left, and 63 total wins. So, at their current pace, theyll win 8 more games this season, and finish with 71 for the year.

The last time a Red Sox team to finish with fewer than 71? 1965, when manager Billy Herman and a 25-year-old Carl Yastzremski led the Sox to 62-100 campaign.

More recently, the 1992 team finished with 73 wins and the 1997 team finished with 78, so it wouldn't take much for this year's team to avoid this mark of futility. But, as you can see, this is getting serious. The Sox record has finally caught up to their integrity. And unless they can make something of these next few weeks, the least likable team in recent Red Sox history will deservedly be remembered as one of the worst.

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