Shaughnessy on Vazquez: ‘Don’t trade this guy’

Shaughnessy on Vazquez: ‘Don’t trade this guy’
August 10, 2014, 9:30 pm
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The future is now for the Boston Red Sox.

Helping the process along is the performance of catcher Christian Vazquez.

On The Baseball Show, Lou Merloni praised the young catcher

"Offensively he has surprised," said Merloni. "Defensively, there's no doubt, this guy is a big league catcher. The way he throws the ball, picks guys off at second base, first base, whatever it takes. He can change the game a little bit in that mind."

With another catching prospect in Blake Swihart making his way to the Major Leagues, what does the future hold for Vazquez?

Dan Shaughnessy hopes he stays in Boston

"I'd never take him out of there," said Shaughnessy. "If the other kid [Swihart] is better, I can't believe it. Don't trade this guy, don't make him part of anything."