Shaughnessy: Selling HOF vote 'a disgrace'

Shaughnessy: Selling HOF vote 'a disgrace'
November 27, 2013, 8:45 am
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The Hall of Fame voting rarely comes and goes each year without any backlash.

In short, people think the voting is a bit of a joke, flawed, and too biased based on personal agendas.

But one vote won't have a say in this year's vote. Because he sold it.

Dan Shaughnessy - also a member of the BBWAA and Hall of Fame voter - isn't too thrilled with that move.

"I would resign from voting at all before I'd do that," Shaughnessy told Gary Tanguay and Lou Merloni on Sports Tonight., That's a disgrace. This thing is already bad enough with what people think of the voters, and I understand that, but when you have guys that start to do that it really makes a farce out of it. It's already bad enough."

The person who sold the vote is supposedly going to come forward at some point. So what is to happen with his vote?

"I'm sure the BBWAA will step in and revoke the guy's vote after that, and they should," Shaughnessy said. "Make your vote, but don't put it up for sale."