Shaughnessy: Lucchino admits Sox started low with Lester

Shaughnessy: Lucchino admits Sox started low with Lester
July 11, 2014, 8:00 am
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Will Jon Lester be a member of the Red Sox after this season? 

The contract negotiations between the team and their ace have been a hot topic throughout the season. 

Many eyebrows were raised when the team offered Lester what many considered to be a low-ball offer, and the discussions haven't gone very far since. 

Red Sox President Larry Lucchino spoke to Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe about the Lester negotiations.

"What we did was throw a number out to get the negotiations started," said Lucchino. "We're certainly well aware that there would have to be significant improvement in that, but we expected a more concentrated and ongoing period of negotiations, which hasn't yet happened.

On Sports Tonight, Dan Shaughnessy described how Lucchino "didn't back off" the low-ball narrative, and explained how the low offer may have doomed the team. 

"Right now, it puts the onus on the team," said Shaughnessy. "They really almost have to get this done during the season, which is going to be a tough sell. Lester's only got like 12 starts left, why would he sign anything at this point?

With the Red Sox ace staring free agency in the face, Bob Neumeier expects the Yankees to extend a monster offer to the left-hander.

"Think of where their pitching stands right now," suggested Neumeier. "C.C. [Sabathia] could be done for the year, Tanaka's got a bad elbow, may have Tommy John, may not. Pineda's out, Nova's out, no farm system pitchers.

"They already gave Tanaka 7 [years] for $155 [million] having never thrown a ball in big league baseball. The New York Yankees will come at Jon Lester and come at him hard."