Scott Boras has confidence in Bogaerts

Scott Boras has confidence in Bogaerts
July 15, 2014, 1:45 am
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Xander Bogaerts has suffered some growing pains in his first full season with the Boston Red Sox.

Through all of his struggles, agent Scott Boras has faith Bogaerts will figure things out.

"You come up to the big leagues your first year and there's no expectancy, and the other thing is the league doesn't know you," Boras told reporters. "You've got to remember that Xander has had very little time in the Minor Leagues and he's learning how to hit sliders and breaking balls and the timing of it in the Major Leagues."

Boras spoke very highly of the 21-year-old's talent.

"Athletically, there is nothing that Xander can't do," said Boras. "I think we all trust that and know that the one thing he can't do is accelerate experience. When you have great, precocious athletes, they've conquered every dynamic that's given them. I don't think in the Minor Leagues they have sliders like that. He's just getting those at-bats and getting the timing. And I think we're going to see him once he gets that part where you wait and you stay inside the ball, and he gets that timing and the depth of the ball, he gets a significant amount of experience. And then, watch out."

Bogaerts has hit .235 with 6 home runs and 22 RBI for the Red Sox in 2014.