A-Rod's lawyer hints at Ortiz' PED use

A-Rod's lawyer hints at Ortiz' PED use
January 14, 2014, 6:45 pm
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And Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz used to be such good friends.

That friendship may have been a strained a little -- or a lot -- by Rodriguez' scorched-earth strategy as he goes on the offensive in an attempt to . . . what? Get MLB to rescind his 162-game suspension? (Ain't gonna happen.) Influence the judge in his federal lawsuit against baseball and the players' union? (Yeah, right.) Make himself a sympathetic figure and turn public opinion back on his side? (Hah!)

Whatever the motivation, A-Rod's acid-throwing lawyer, Joe Tacopina, couldn't have been more obvious when he went on Colin Cowherd's ESPN Radio show and . . . well, let the Tweet of Newsday's Neil Best tell you:


Gee. Wonder who he could possibly be talking about?

Ortiz, of course, has the PED cloud hanging over his head thanks to the leaked report that he came up positive in the wave of non-penalized testing in 2003. Big Papi has passed every test since then, but, then again, so has A-Rod. If Anthony Bosch's '60 Minutes' proclamations are to be believed, beating MLB's testing procedures is no big trick. And Ortiz' amazing comeback from his Achilles injury this season, and his "God-like" performance in the playoffs and World Series, has some -- mostly centered in Yankee Universe -- beating the "Of course he's juiced!" drum.

But I'm sure Ortiz never expected his pal A-Rod to be beating it. 

Given how Big Papi turned on Bobby Valentine when Bobby V. made some (far more innocuous) negative comments about him last winter, and given how sensitive he is to the PED accusations, it's hard to see how this doesn't strain his relationship with Rodriguez. It would be a shame, since they truly seem to get along well, but A-Rod burned his bridges with Derek Jeter way back when. So it's not like it hasn't happened before.

Still, this is what the Rodriguez/Tacopina defense has come down to? Pointing fingers and bellowing, "Hey, what about him?!?", no matter if it's friend or foe?

You know, sometimes I wonder why A-Rod is so universally despised. And then stuff like this happens.