Ric Flair shrine hangs above Pedroia's locker


Ric Flair shrine hangs above Pedroia's locker

By Joe Haggerty
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BOSTON Dustin Pedroia has always had a love for pro wrestling and the Nature Boy Ric Flair, but it skyrocketed to a whole other level this week as he has placed a shrine to the WWE wrestler up above his locker stall in the Fenway home clubhouse.

The Sox second baseman and outfielder Josh Reddick teamed up to purchase a very regal-looking red wrestling robe with Nature Boy written across the back, and placed the robe up above his stall. The robe is pretty flamboyant with white ruffles around the sleeves and collar area is big enough to be worn by somebody with Flairs oversized build.

To somebody unfamiliar with the world of pro wrestling, the robe actually looked like a winter coat worn by Mrs. Claus in one of the Rudolph the Reindeer specials but theres no mistaking what it was upon closer inspection.

Reddick purchased the robe autographed by Flair himself for 400 with his E-Bay account last week, and the red robe came with a WWE championship belt thats hanging next to Pedroias newest locker conversation piece.

Pedroia said he might wear the robe on the special occasion, and that it wont be coming down from above his locker anytime soon.

"That thing aint going anywhere 'till I get traded or released, said a cocksure Pedroia as he suited up to get ready for Tuesday nights tilt against the Cleveland Indians. I dont have an E-Bay account, so Reddick found that thing online and got it. There was no doubt it was coming here. Thats the Nature Boy, baby.

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