Reddick: 'I didn't get booed' in return to Fenway


Reddick: 'I didn't get booed' in return to Fenway

Josh Reddick made his return to Fenway Park on Monday night. Even though the Red Sox won the game Reddick was able to look at the bright side of his return to Yawkey Way.

"I didn't get booed, so that was a positive." said Reddick with a smile. "It's always fun to come back here and play, just a little different perspective and outlook on the field Monday"

Reddick was also asked how it felt when he hit the home run in his return to his former home ballpark.

"It always feels good to come back, especially when you hit it off one of your closest buddies that you hung out with a lot last year."

Speaking of home runs, Reddick had a chance to rob David Ortiz of a home run in right field. Instead, Reddick would find himself in the Red Sox bullpen.

"That's actually the first time I had a chance to rob one in right field. I've done it a thousand times in batting practice, never had it in a game."