Red Sox wary of Hamilton's speed

Red Sox wary of Hamilton's speed
May 6, 2014, 6:15 pm
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BOSTON -  Though he wasn't in the starting lineup Tuesday, the Red Sox have to be wary of Billy Hamilton, the speedster outfielder with the Reds who entered Tuesday with 11 steals in 16 tries.     

"This is the type of player who (only) comes along every so often," said Farrell. "You probably have to think back to a guy like Rickey Henderson (to find someone) who has the ability to steal the number of bases that he has. When you see a guy steal 140 bases in the minor leagues, that's eye-popping. The ability to impact a game with his legs is clear.     

"Even though he's not in the lineup tonight, we know he's going to factor if there's a pinch-running situation that emerges and we expect he'll be in the lineup (Wednesday). He's an interesting player, no question."

With a player with Hamilton's speed, it's not just about stolen bases, since he's capable of taking an extra base on a ball hit to the outfield, or beat out a hit in the infield.

"I think that's where everyone's internal clock kicks in," Farrell said. "Anticipating the play kicks in, and that's the biggest thing when dealing with a player like this."