Pierzynski shoulders blame for Sox loss

Pierzynski shoulders blame for Sox loss
June 14, 2014, 10:30 pm
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BOSTON - Being accountable is one thing, but A.J. Pierzynski may be over-doing it a bit after Saturday's 3-2 loss to the Indians.

Speaking after the game, Pierzynski was quick to blame himself for the loss any chance he got.

“We had a chance to shut them down and we didn’t do it, and it’s all my fault," Pierzynski said.

Well, alright then.

The top of the 7th is where the Indians did their damage. With runners on first and third, Jason Kipnis grounded to Dustin Pedroia, who elected to throw home in hopes to nail Asdrubal Cabrera at the plate. The throw was made in time, but was a little behind Pierzynski. It looked like he made the catch initially, but while bringing the glove around to tag Cabrera, it slipped out. Had the ball stayed in, Cabrera would have been out. The run scored though, and the Indians tied it up.

"I just missed it," Pierzynski said flatly. "[Pedroia] made a great play. That's why he's a Gold Glover and that's why I'm not."

Hmm, OK. A bit harsh, but OK. If Pierzynski is to take blame for anything, that would be it.

Later that inning, Junichi Tazawa was brought on with the bases loaded and two outs. He proceeded to walk Carlos Santana on five pitches, but there were a couple of very close ones. The first pitch, called a ball, was framed by Pierzynski for quite a while before he threw it back to Tazawa. Four pitches later, a run walked in.

"Some of them were good pitches but I guess I didn't frame them good enough," Pierzynski said.

So to recap, A.J. Pierzynski is the sole reason the Red Sox lost this game.

How much of that he actually believes is an entirely different story.