Peavy on trade rumors: 'I love this place'

Peavy on trade rumors: 'I love this place'
July 8, 2014, 11:45 pm
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BOSTON - Jake Peavy has been through this before. Twice, in fact. And the the things he's hearing are eerily familiar to him.

Like everyone else, Peavy has heard talk that he's going to be traded -- probably to the National League and possibly to St. Louis.

The deal could happen tomorrow, or next week or later this month.

Peavy can't prevent himself from being dealt, even if there's a creeping inevitability to it. But he doesn't have to like it, either.

"For me, this is the now third time that I've bee in this situation,'' said Peavy. "It's an unfortunate situation to have sit and talk about the reality of the situation we're in. But I want everyone to know, as my teammates know, that my focus and every bit of my energy will be spent giving my effort to beat Houston Saturday night.''

Peavy spent much of Tuesday answering questions from reporters about rumors that have been being dealt to a contending team in the National League.

"I love this place,'' he said. "If it happens, I'm certainly prepared for that. I'm not blind to the fact. At the same time, I've been through it before and I understand it's part of being a professional. And if you're going to say you're professional and take pride in it, you have to show up to work and give your heart and soul to your team. And I promise you that that will be my focus.''

Peavy spoke with general manager Ben Cherington, but wouldn't reveal the specifics of the discussion. From Peavy's comments, however, it seems likely that Cherington acknowledged to him that a deal is likely.

"When you get to this point, there's a mutual respect thing,'' he said. "It's nice to not be blindsided by anything and kind of have some feel (for what's going on). I don't think people are making stuff up and throwing it out there. You respect what you hear. I don't know what's out there. I just know I'm getting a lot of texts and calls, so we obviously have to respect the reality of that situation.''

Last year at this time, Peavy was hoping to be traded from the White Sox to a contender. A year later, also playing for a team seemingly out of contention, his feelings are much different.

"My love for the Boston Red Sox will be unbreakable,'' said Peavy. "I spent over eight years in San Diego and spent over four years in Chicago, two places I dearly love (But) when we did last year (in Boston) is all you ever dream of doing. When you do that, this place is held in the highest regard it could ever be held in.

"So that being said, I will always want to do what's best for the Boston Red Sox. That could be very possibly mean me being moved to save money, or get a player or two (in return) or create a roster space for somebody to come up and take my spot. That's the reality of the situation.''

But Peavy got a bit emotional talking about the "brotherhood I have'' with his Red Sox teammates.

"I take pride in being a man,'' said Peavy, "but I hope you all aren't around to see my cry like a baby because if that day does come, it's going to be tough for me to look some guys in the eye and know that I'm not going to be on their team.''

Peavy said, as a team, the Red Sox have tried to figure out where this season has gone wrong.

"I can tell you this,'' he said. "There isn't anybody on this team who isn't heartbroken tonight, that isn't going to go home and think about what went wrong from spring training on. We all take responsibility for the situation we're in. But the Boston people and fans, and I know the front office and everyone in this building knows that this group of players has done everything we can possibly do -- from sitting around on the plane, to hotel rooms after games to having team functions and sitting around and talking -- to try to get in better shape as a team.''

That said, Peavy didn't disagree that the 1-7 record on the current homestand has effectively killed off the team's playoff chances.

"I certainly would have to agree that we've made things awfully tough for ourselves,'' said Peavy, "for our goal in spring training, and that's to win the East and get in the playoffs. We've made that a huge challenge.''