Papelbon: Sox have right chemistry, Phils don't

Papelbon: Sox have right chemistry, Phils don't
January 4, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Imagine how it feels to see your former club go on to win the World Series while your current team went 73-89.

That's exactly what Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon went through during the 2013 season.

In an on-air interview with WEEI's Rob Bradford and guest host John McDonald, Papelbon admitted he "knew" the Red Sox would win the World Series due to their clubhouse culture.

Papelbon uses John McDonald as a prime example.  McDonald played the 2013 season in Philadelphia before a trade sent him to the Red Sox in August.

“Look at the Red Sox last year. John [McDonald] will probably tell you the moment he walked into the Red Sox clubhouse there was an entirely different feel from when he left Philly." said Papelbon, "When you have a group of guys who go for 162 games plus spring training plus the playoffs, you have to have each other’s backs and know what he’s going to do before the next guy from you is going to do before he does it.”

Papelbon believes the Phillies have enough talent to win the World Series, but the team is in need of chemistry.

“On our team, I honestly believe we have more talent than any other roster out there." continued Papelbon, "But if you don’t take that talent and mesh it together, figure out each others’ little pros and cons and figure out how to make a 25-man roster form into one, nothing will work. I don’t care how much you spend or how many guys you have in the bullpen or how many starters you have and it just doesn’t work.”