Ortiz on Price: "No respect for him no more"

Ortiz on Price: "No respect for him no more"
May 31, 2014, 12:45 am
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David Price entered Friday's game against the Red Sox with two hit batters and eight walks this season. When he hit David Ortiz in the back in the first inning, it was clear that a message came with it. 

Price was upset last year when Ortiz watched a towering home run from the batter's box. The ball traveled right down the line, and Ortiz said he wasn't sure if it was going to be fair or foul. Price wasn't buying it, saying Ortiz admired the home run and showed him up.

Friday night, it seemed Price was looking for payback.

Home plate umpire Dan Bellino immediately issued warnings to both teams, but when Price hit Mike Carp later in the game, and still didn't get ejected, the benches cleared.

After the game, Ortiz was animated about Price's actions.

"You can’t be acting like a little girl out there," said Ortiz. "You’re not going to win every time. When you give it up, that’s an experience for the next time. If you’re going act like a little [expletive] when you give it up, bounce back and put your teammates in jeopardy, that’s going to cost you."

Ortiz made it clear that the actions belong to Price and Price alone. 

"He knew he screwed up,'' said Ortiz. "He did that on his own. No manager sent him. No player was comfortable with the situation. He did that on his own. Which is (expletive). He can get somebody else hurt. You can't be doing that (stuff).''

"It's on. Next time [Price] better bring the gloves. I have no respect for him no more.''