Ortiz eyes end-of-week return to Sox lineup


Ortiz eyes end-of-week return to Sox lineup

NEW YORK -- David Ortiz took batting practice for the second straight game and reported that "everything's going pretty normal," as he tries to come back from a strained Achilles heel that has sidelined him for more than a month.

Ortiz hasn't tested the heel by running by much, though, and when asked if thought there was a chance he could be back in the lineup Tuesday night when the Sox open a homestand, he said: "I don't think so. But I'm finally feeling better. Hopefully before (the team leaves for its Aug. 26 road trip). We'll see how it goes once I start running. Hopefully (on the homestand). If things continue the way they are, yeah."

"You know how injuries are. You take your time, you heal and when you're ready to go, you're ready to go. I'm finally seeing the light when it comes down to my injury. My injury has been a process of a six-week period. When I first got injured, I heard that (timetable) and that's not what you want to hear at the time. You're thinking about 15 days at the most. But now that I'm seeing the result of feeling better, it's a six-week kind of thing."

With Ortiz sidelined on this trip, the Sox scored three runs or fewer in seven of the 10 games. As Ortiz watched from the dugout, he knew he could have made a difference.

"It's difficult," he said. "Right now, we're in the last quarter of the season and we definitely want to be able to win some games. Hopefully, things are going to get better."

Farrell on WEEI: Have not apologized to Eckersley


Farrell on WEEI: Have not apologized to Eckersley

Red Sox manager John Farrell said today on WEEI's Dale and Holley Show that he has not apologized to Dennis Eckersley for the recent incident on a team flight in which David Price ripped into the Hall of Fame pitcher -- to the applause of some teammates -- for being too critical in his role as a team broadcaster.

“Yeah, that’s a no,” Farrell responded when asked specifically if he had apologized to Eck.


According to Brooks Sutherland's story on WEEI.com, Farrell said he has spoken to Eckersley since the incident and has a "positive in a professional way" relationship with Eck.

Sutherland quoted Farrell as saying: “I’ve had interactions with Eck, yes. I have, yeah. Whether it’s been at the hotel, or whether it’s been at the ballpark, there’s been interactions there, yes . . . At the time when we did meet, which was down in Texas, as I mentioned, and then again in the ballpark there. I’m aware that people reached out to him the morning after the incident when we were headed in to Toronto. So, knowing that that was in place, you know, I followed with my conversations with Eck as I’ve always done. They’ve been cordial, there’s been professional respect on both side and I think my relationship with him is positive in a professional way.”

Farrell said he heard Price yelling at Price on the plane.

“You know at the time when it did happen,you heard some loud talk,” he said. “but I can’t say that that’s . . . you know there’s banter that goes back-and-forth that’s relatively calm, and I would say this was a different situation. I can’t say that the banter is in this nature. After it did take place, I know Eck came up to the front of the plane to talk to Dave Dombrowski and myself. Obviously outlined what took place and that’s why we met with David the next day in Toronto."

Schilling defends Eckersley, says Sox are 'devoid of clubhouse presence'


Schilling defends Eckersley, says Sox are 'devoid of clubhouse presence'

Curt Schilling talks mostly politics on Twitter these days, but the Dennis Eckersley-David Price incident got him back to baseball.

And if Red Sox players think Eckersley is too critical, well, try this one on for size:

He didn't have only Price in his gunsights, either. When asked "what kind of team" would applaud the bashing of a Hall of Famer, he responded:

He even had kind words -- sort of -- for mortal enemy Dan Shaughnessy: