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Notes: Ortiz looks back at brawl with Gregg


Notes: Ortiz looks back at brawl with Gregg

By Maureen Mullen Follow @maureenamullen
BOSTON Before Saturdays game against the Orioles at Fenway Park, David Ortiz reflected on the brawl that ignited during his eighth-inning at-bat.

I dont feel proud of a situation like that, he said. But Im the kind of person that I dont like being pushed and I feel like I was pushed last night to do something like that.

The whole situation started, this is a guy Os reliever Kevin Gregg that I always faced and he never pitched in. So he throw a whole bunch of pitches inside and Im pretty sure he was trying to hit me. No question about that and after I hit the fly ball he started screaming at me. Im not going to take that . . . Everybodys a grown man here and youve got to be aware of the situation.

You saw the argument before and after that. You're going to act like you're my daddy or something like that. I ain't going to take that. Everybodys a grown man here and if you want to have respect, youve got to respect.

That aint me. I havent fight since I was in kindergarten. Thats not what the fans come to see. Thats not part of my personality. I dont like being caught in a situation like that. Everybody have a button that once it gets touched you change your mind in a second. I guess it was my time.

Ortiz joked that he probably lost that fight in kindergarten, and had a difficult time explaining the fight to his kids.

My kids had tons of questions for me last night, he said. Hey, why were you fighting? I dont want to be having that kind of conversation like that with my kids because Im not an aggressive person. Thats in the past and behind us. Another day today.

I didn't know what to tell them. But after all you look at the whole picture and its not what you really want to be involvedin. Fans come to enjoy the game, see how good you can play the game and thats about it.

Its over man. Everybodys fired up and the situation happened and Im the type of person that likes to turn the page. I dont like to keep throwing wood to the fire. Thats not how I play the game.

Asked if an incident like the brawl could bring a team together, Ortiz replied:

Every team should be like a team. Everybody got your back, you got everybodys back and thats how it is. I dont think a team needs a fight. It happens sometimes. When things like that go down a team can be better. In a certain way you want to do things the right way. Not everybody sees that in a positive way.

Manager Terry Francona said the team had not yet heard anything from the commissioners office regarding potential fines andor suspensions resulting from the brawl. Ortiz and Jarrod Saltalamacchia were ejected, along with the Orioles Kevin Gregg and Jim Johnson.

I bet you we wont hear anything until after the All-Star break, he said. Its a nice time for the league. I dont think they want to be talking about what happened last night. I wouldnt be surprised if we didn't hear anything until then.

Several Sox players were watching as Derek Jeter became the 28th player with 3,000 hits, going 5-for-5. The historic hit came on a solo home run off Rays left-hander David Price in the third inning Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

I think, for me, for this season and this year, its one of the highpoints for major league baseball, said Jonathan Papelbon. I think its a bright part of the season.

I didnt realize he was the only Yankee to get 3000 hits, with all the great guys to come through, and even more to hit a home run. It was a surprise to me and how deep he hit it. Because usually for me hes a table setter and hes not known as a home run hitter. And he does such a good job at being a contact hitter. Im sitting in the training room and he hits a bomb that deep for his 3000th hit. Its pretty impressive.

For anyone, thats a fabulous feat, said Jason Varitek. To be a part of it and your generation of players, thats pretty neat.

Hes pretty much been a superstar since day one that Ive been playing against him. Hes carried himself that way. Hes played that way. Theres a reason hes got 3000 hits.

If you like baseball, hes a lot of whats good in baseball, said Francona. He respects the game, he plays the game right. It makes me proud for the way he goes about his business. Ive seen him since the Fall League when I think he was 19 years old. Hes still the same kid. A little different haircut but always plays the game right. He always treats people right and he tries to beat your brains out. Thats a good way to go about things.

Francona said Josh Beckett, who left Fridays game after the fifth inning with a mildly hyperextended left knee would play catch today, have a side session Sunday, and then be re-evaluated.

Not just for his start going forward with us but with the All-Star ramifications, Francona said. We dont want to hold up the league. They've got their hands full as it is. So hell go out tomorrow and throw a side. If hes OK, he's OK. And if he needs to hold off, then well do that also. We certainly respect the All-Star stuff but we also have an obligation to our team. He understands that. Hell be honest about it.

The Sox have won five straight and nine of their last 10. They have also won five straight against the Os, with at least 10 hits in all five games. In the first three games of the four-game series the Sox have 18 extra-base hits.

Youkilis was added to the American League All-Star roster after Alex Rodriguez withdrew because of a knee injury. This is Youkilis third All-Star berth.

It's a great thing," Youkilis said. "I'm excited to represent the American League and the Boston Red Sox. Hopefully we can come out on top in that game because that might mean a really big thing for us down the road. It will be fun to go out there and enjoy it with my teammates."

Youkilis went 3-for-4, with a run scored and two RBI against the Os Saturday night, extending his on-base streak to 21 games. He is hitting .347, going 26-for-75 in that stretch.

Dustin Pedroia went 1-for-3, extending his hitting streak to 11 games and his on-base streak to 23 games.

Jacoby Ellsbury had a single, double, and triple in his first three at-bats before grounding out to first baseman Derrek Lee in his fourth at-bat, missing a natural cycle. He went 3-for-4, raising his average to .314.

The intentional walks to Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortiz in the fifth were the first time the Sox have received multiple intentional walks in the same inning since July 11, 2009, in the seventh inning against the Royals when Mark Kotsay and Jacoby Ellsbury each received one.

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Drellich: Injuries for Betts, Pedroia, Nunez, unnerving in final week

Drellich: Injuries for Betts, Pedroia, Nunez, unnerving in final week

BOSTON — Even before Mookie Betts wrist flared up and Eduardo Nunez re-aggravated his knee Monday, the Red Sox’ health situation looked tenuous heading into the final week of the regular season. Particularly when it came to position players. Dustin Pedroia was out of the lineup Monday after a 1-for-26 road trip.

Now the scene turns scary. Consider that every other American League team that has clinched a postseason spot (or in the case of the Twins, is expected to) is one of the majors’ top five teams in runs scored per game: the Astros, Yankees, Indians and Twins. The Sox are 10th. 

The Sox lineup lacks firepower to begin with. Losing any more at this time of year is a recipe for a rough October.

"It sucks. It sucks," Nunez said. "Especially this time of year when it's close to the playoffs. It sucks."

The regular-season results show the Sox have adapted well overall when guys like Pedroia and Nunez have missed time. But that’s the regular season, and adding Betts to the mix is just disquieting.


Nunez on Monday returned to the lineup for the first time in 16 days. Now he isn’t expected back until during the Astros series, his right knee injury re-aggravated

But there’s room for good news yet. Betts is to get his left wrist examined Tuesday. A positive prognosis there, and there should be a sense of a crisis averted. On Monday night, he expected to be fine, but he also didn't know what was going on. 

Farrell before the game made clear Nunez wasn’t exactly full go yet.

“[His return is] quicker than what it possibly could have been. You’re talking about a ligament damage to the PCL [posterior cruciate ligament] and I know it’s less severe than an ACL/MCL, but still it’s about pain tolerance,” Farrell said. “It’s about managing it. His body has to recondition to take care of that. His muscles have to respond in a different way. … If he feels a little bit of a zinger, that’s going to go away. He’s not putting himself at further risk.”

Farrell said after the game the feeling is Nunez didn’t do any new damage, but nonetheless, it’s easy to think now the Sox should have waited longer

Meanwhile, Pedroia’s been managing a left knee injury all season and didn’t play.

“When the knee starts to talk back to him a little bit, we’ve all got to listen to it and give him a down day,” Farrell said. “I would expect him to be back on the  field tomorrow.”

Farrell thought it reasonable to connect the knee to Pedroia’s recent poor performance hitting wise.

All year, resiliency has been a buzzword for Sox because of their propensity for late-inning comebacks. Sunday’s eighth-inning rally against the Reds was the latest example, leading to the Sox’ 42nd come-from-behind win. 

How they’ve dealt with a variety of health situations adds another layer to their reputation for handling adversity. Per, the Sox have had the fifth most disabled list days this season, 1,601. 

The Indians were doubted going into last year’s postseason because of health situations with their pitching. They did pretty well. But it’d also be foolish to minimize the importance of injuries to Pedroia, Nunez and Betts, and how they look heading into October.


Mookie Betts to get left wrist examined Tuesday


Mookie Betts to get left wrist examined Tuesday

BOSTON — First Mookie Betts right hand was bothering him. Now his left wrist is acting up to the point he was pulled from Monday's 6-4 loss to the Blue Jays in the eighth inning and is headed for an exam to find out what's going on Monday.

"I’m not really that concerned. I think I’m  going to be fine," Betts said. "Just a couple days ago. I just took a swing and felt it. It’s just been kind of painful for swings, but that’s just the part of the season."

Betts felt it again on a swing Monday.

Betts, who's always a calm guy, didn't seem to be particularly worried. But when he was asked to describe the sensation, it sounded far from pleasant.

"Just like a sharp pain," Betts said. "I can’t really move my hand for a little bit, but I think, again, I don’t really know what’s going on. We’ll find out tomorrow."