Notes: ' A good workday,' if nothing else, for Lackey

Notes: ' A good workday,' if nothing else, for Lackey
March 17, 2014, 6:15 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- John Lackey gave up five runs on six hits in five innings during the Red Sox' 10-5 victory over St. Louis on Monday -- and wasn't the least bit troubled by the results.

"I got to the pitch count I wanted to get to,'' said Lackey, "got some things accomplished in the bullpen before the game and threw my cutter for the first time today, came out of it healthy. [I'll] keep moving.''

"He was up in the zone more than we'll typically see from John,'' said John Farrell. "It's all part of spring training and getting back into the mindset and physically building him up. It was a good workday.''

Lackey labeled his cut fastball "a work in progress, for sure. It's the first day I threw it off the mound. We'll keep working on it.''

Lackey used his first three or so appearances to focus on throwing his fastball and building arm strength.

"Then we start spinning stuff and throwing off-speed stuff after that,'' he said. "I've got a couple more times out there to work on things.''

* * * *

The Sox got some power from both Mike Napoli (third spring homer, a three-run shot to left) and Dustin Pedroia (two-run shot, his first homer of the spring) in the win.

"More than anything,'' said Farrell, "we're starting to see their timing get a little bit more refined. Both guys have been aggressive at the plate in the proper counts. You see them being able to pull the ball a little more regularly, particularly Petey with what he's come off of (off-season thumb surgery). But I think for the majority of our everyday players, you're seeing that timing get a little more honed in.''