Notes: Bradley Jr. sits for second straight game

Notes: Bradley Jr. sits for second straight game
August 6, 2014, 9:00 pm
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ST. LOUIS -- Jackie Bradley sat for the second straight game in center. On Tuesday, the Sox had Brock Holt in center and Wednesday, it was Mookie Betts. 

Bradley is hitless in his last 24 at-bats.

"I just feel with Jackie, we're trying to focus on some early work,'' said Farrell. "We're trying to shortern his approach at the plate, where he was doing such a good job with that leading into the All-Star break. We felt like there was the need for some further maintenance and work to take place.

"With Mookie being here, a young guy, we've got to make sure he gets at-bats while he's here.''


The Sox intend to activate Kelly Johnson for Thursday. Johnson has been out with a groin strain and recently had a two-game rehab stint for Pawtucket.

To make room for Johnson's activation, the Sox can send back either Betts or Corey Brown.

With Craig out for the time being, the Sox have postponed the idea of Yeonis Cespedes playing right field and will keep him in left for the time being.