Nava's big assist ends Astros comeback bid

Nava's big assist ends Astros comeback bid
August 15, 2014, 1:15 am
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BOSTON - The last thing the Red Sox wanted to do after taking an 8-4 lead was allow the Astros to get right back in the game.

For a bit, it looked like that was going to be the case.

Alex Wilson came on in relief of Allen Webster in the 7th inning, but "relief" wasn't quite the word you'd use - in the beginning, anyways.

Wilson gave up a single to to the No. 8 hitter Jake Marisnick, and followed that up by giving up a double to the No. 9 hitter Marwin Gonzalez. Now that Astros had men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, and the top of the order due up.

Wilson got Robbie Grossman to strike out looking for the first out, which brought Jose Altuve and his .330-plus average to the plate.

Altuve flied to right field, where Daniel Nava was playing. Instead of staying on third base with the power-hitting Chris Carter due up (28 home runs this season), Marisnick tried to tag up and score.

Big mistake.

Nava fired it home from right field right to Sox catcher Christian Vazquez who applied the tag before Marisnick could get a hand near the plate. There's your inning-ending double play as Wilson and the Sox got out of a big jam.

It was Nava's 6th outfield assist of the year. Only Jackie Bradley, Jr. has more assists (13) for the Sox this season. He was asked after the game if he was surprised Marisnick tagged.

"You know the outfield we have with those guys (Bradley Jr, Yoenis Cespedes), so I know that my arm isn't anywhere close to what those guy's is," Nava said. "But I thought just basically because of the depth that maybe he wouldn't go. But I guess you have to roll the dice and take a shot and make me hit my target which is Vazquez. He did a good job of applying the tag. So I understand why [he tagged up], but at the same time I definitely was surprised."