Napoli: 'I think I'm ahead of where I was last year'

Napoli: 'I think I'm ahead of where I was last year'
February 20, 2014, 2:00 am
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It's a different approach to spring training this time around for Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli. The biggest change? He's healthy.

A year ago, after signing a one-year deal to come to Boston, doctors discovered a hip condition that limited Napoli in spring training and led to his contract being reworked.

Now, there are no restrictions and he's comes to camp with a new multi-year deal.

"It's bveen amazing," Napoli said on The Baseball Show. "I was able to run this offseason. Last year, I couldn't run. I couldn't do anything. I had to walk everywhere. This year I haven't had to answer questions about the hip. I feel healthy. I think I'm ahead of where I was last year."

Some of Napoli's teammates let management know the Red Sox needed to keep him after he became a free agent for the second winter in a row.

"It means a lot," he said. "That's how we are. That's how are clubhouse is. We love each other. We're like brothers in there. When you have something this good, in this game, you want to try and ride it out as long as possible.'