Mujica's recent string of success comes to an end

Mujica's recent string of success comes to an end
June 5, 2014, 7:00 am
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CLEVELAND -- The Red Sox had reason to believe Edward Mujica had turned the corner. Before Wednesday night he'd strung together five consecutive scoreless appearances, lowering his ERA from a bloated 8.04 to a slightly more reasonable 6.10.

But then in the 12th inning at Progressive Field, it fell apart for Mujica again. After a strikeout of Ryan Raburn to start the inning, Mujica allowed an infield single to Mike Aviles, a single to right by Michael Bourn, and finally, a three-run walkoff homer to Asdrubal Cabrera, leading to a 7-4 loss for the Sox.

"A changeup, right in the middle,'' bemoaned Mujica.

The Sox had brought in outfielder Daniel Nava to give themselves a five-man infield to try to cut down the potential winning run at the plate. But instead of getting the ball down in the zone, Mujica left the ball up  and Cabrera hit it out.

"It's a little crazy,'' said Mujica. "But we have to move forward, we have to keep it going, keep working. It's the kind of situation, a tie game, and everyone had been used. Me and [Andrew] Miller were the guys left in the bullpen. They called for me and I was trying to get the ball down and that pitch was a little mistakes.''