Merloni: Why the Sox may not have an ace next year

Merloni: Why the Sox may not have an ace next year
August 10, 2014, 11:15 pm
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With John Lackey and Jon Lester now pitching elsewhere, the Red Sox are in search of an ace.

When speaking with the media earlier in the week, Ben Cherington discussed the possibility of not having an ace in 2015.

On The Baseball Show, Dan Shaughnessy expressed his displeasure with the idea.

"They've won three [championships] in ten years. Please stop falling back on that as the 'everyone's OK,'" said Dan Shaughnessy. "I hope he's just setting everyone up with that, and that's not the philosophy moving forward. Because I know that's not the baseball ops philosophy."

If the Red Sox move forward with their new philosophy, Lou Merloni doesn't see the team finding an ace-type.

"That's not going to work," said Merloni. "If this is the new philosophy, if we're not going to go out there and spend on pitchers thirty years or above, long-term, I think [Cherington] realizes how hard it is for him to find one of these guys."

"Next year there might not be a guy at the top of this rotation, because I'm not going to be able to get one. Which is a scary thought in my mind."

Bob Neumeier knows Red Sox fans will not be happy if the teams goes with with a young rotation.

"Given the fact that they have all this dough to spend," said Neumeier. "There is absolutely no way that they're going into next year with Buchholz, Kelly and three kids. It's not going to fly."