Merloni: Trying to make imperfect game perfect

Merloni: Trying to make imperfect game perfect
April 14, 2014, 1:00 am
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The Major League Baseball replay system hasn't been kind to the Red Sox over the past two days.

Lou Merloni joined Mike Felger on Sports Sunday to discuss replays in baseball.

"Honestly, I'm watching it now for two weeks and it's not really the game that I've kind of always loved. I don't know what they're doing to this thing." said Merloni, "The instance tonight, they showed the replay, it took me maybe three seconds to actually process it to find out that he was safe."

Merloni seems frustrated that the league is trying to make new rules for the game, adjusting things that have stood for years.

"For one-hundred years it's been a catch when you catch it in your glove." continued Merloni, "I don't get it, it's not the way the game should be played. It's an imperfect game that we're trying to make perfect. It's crazy."