Merloni: Sox should look into trading Beckett


Merloni: Sox should look into trading Beckett

Have things gone so sour for the Red Sox that should trade some of their best players to clear the air in the clubhouse?

Lou Merloni wouldn't go that far . . . but he wouldn't say no to it, either.

"They don't have to trade Josh Beckett, but I think they should look into it and see what they can get in return," the ex-Sox infielder said Thursday night on 'Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight'.

"Now, maybe they can't. He's a 10-5 guy (10 years in the major leagues, the last five with the same team, and players at that experience level have the right to veto any trade). Maybe they can't get anything. If not, fine, you don't do it.

"But if you can get something, you can start getting rid of some of these issues and regroup here a little bit. To me, I think you at least have to look into it."

The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy, a fellow panelist, thinks the Sox could do well in such a deal.

"Beckett has value," he said. "I mean, the 10-5 thing could be problematic, but he has great value."