Merloni: Does Ortiz have a right to be upset?

Merloni: Does Ortiz have a right to be upset?
February 19, 2014, 11:30 pm
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Lou Merloni joins Arbella Early Edition to discuss whether or not he thinks David Ortiz has a right to be upset with the media.

Is David Ortiz being hyper-sensitive when he's talking about people "disrepcting" him over his contract demands?

On Arbella Early Edition, CSNNE baseball analyst, WEEI talk show host and former Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni said it's a case of Ortiz taking the words of a few as speaking for many.

"He's listening to the minority and he believes its the majority," Merloni said. "It's obvious to everyone it's a couple of reporters and a couple of people on the radio. He mentioned sports talk radio. He was in town on the wrong day and heard talk radio and it got personal. When he starts talking about disrespect, he's reacting to a select few individuals."

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe said the disrespect card seems to be a motivator for Big Papi.

"I think he looks to create this controvery as some kind of driving force," Dupont said. "There some kind of pyschological mechanism because not only does he bring up the contract but he brings up the strife, too."

Is it a case of Ortiz trying to rally the fans to his side?

Merloni doesn't think so.

"In the end, [owner John Henry and GM Ben Cherington will say] it's going to be what's better for our team," Merloni said. "In other words [Ortiz] built up so much. He's been the man since he came here. I don't think they need to test it out with the fans."