Merloni: 'Different energy' from this new Sox team

Merloni: 'Different energy' from this new Sox team
August 2, 2014, 1:45 am
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The Red Sox probably weren't through introducing themselves to each other when they took the field against the Yankees Friday night. About a third of the roster has been turned over with the trades of the past week.

Still, the revamped Red Sox went out and held off the Yankees 4-3 behind the debut of  a newcomer who didn't come to Boston via trade, rookie pitcher Anthony Ranaudo.

Merloni says with the new pieces brought in, the Red Sox showed some different energy against the Yankees.

"You kind of saw it tonight with a different energy," Merloni said on SportsNet Central. "That happens a lot. I've been on teams that are going into the postseason, or [in the Red Sox' case] at least where you add, and there's that little energy boost going forward."

Merloni said competition for playing time could be a good thing down the stretch.

"This will get interesting, too, because there's a lot of pieces here they'll be some platoons, a lot of guys want to play," he said. "But you'll see a different energy knowing the trade deadline is over and now you've still got two months to go out there and play."