Merloni: Cano an 'idiot' for firing Boras

Merloni: Cano an 'idiot' for firing Boras
December 4, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Now that the Yankees have shelled out a mega-deal of $153 million over seven years for Jacoby Ellsbury, where does that leave their free agent second baseman, Robinson Cano?

"They're almost cornered," Lou Merloni said on "Uno Sports Tonight," "How can I tell my fan base that I've replacled Robinson Cano's bat with Jacoby Ellsbury's? This guy [Cano] is a $20 million [a year] player."

WEEI's Kirk Minihane said Cano is beyond that. "This is a Hall of Famer in his prime," Minihane said, adding that the Yankees will add a free agent pitcher as well as Cano as "they go nuclear" in their spending spree this off-season.

Does the Ellsbury deal put pressure of Cano's agent, rap mogul Jay-Z, whom Cano signed with after firing super agent Scott Boras, who landed the big bucks deal for Ellsbury?

Said Merloni: "You are Robinson Cano one of the best players in the game and you have the potential to make over $200 million, and you fire Scott Boras? Idiot! You go with the best in the business not a guy that sells records and has another guy that can negotiate the deal for you."