McAdam: Yanks pitching means 'a lot of money' for Lester

McAdam: Yanks pitching means 'a lot of money' for Lester
July 20, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Jon Lester pitched yet another gem on Sunday against the Kansas City Royals. 

As his contract situation still looms in the background, The Baseball Show panel discussed what could happen if Lester hits the free agent market.

"From the Red Sox standpoint, the worst thing that could happen to them has already happened. That is the pitching woes the New York Yankees are experiencing," said Sean McAdam. "Their pitching situation is a mess short and long term… Lester's going to be sitting there and that's going to mean a lot of money for him."

"It's just money for them. They don't care about the luxury tax, they don't care what they're spending."

Lou Merloni agrees with McAdam, but feels there is still a chance Lester might not get to free agency .

"If it gets to free agency, he is gone," said Merloni. "I still think the Red Sox can get this thing done. I think it's about the player wanting to be here. We've heard it enough from him. I believe still, five [years] $125 [million] and you get a good vesting option for another $25 million and you're talking six [years] $150 [million] that he can probably attain. I think they get it done during the season"