McAdam: "Yankees lost the better player"

McAdam: "Yankees lost the better player"
December 6, 2013, 7:30 pm
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The Yankees have addressed some very serious needs so far. 

That gaping hole at catcher?

Brian McCann. 

Problem solved.

A centerfielder who causes chaos on the basepaths?

Jacoby Ellsbury. 

Problem solved. 

But on Friday, the Yankees may have created a new problem when they let Robinson Cano head to Seattle on a 10-year $240 million deal. 

"I think they lost the better player," says Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam. "I think Jacoby Ellsbury is obviously a talented player. [He's] a leadoff hitter and centerfielder, a top of the order table-setter, but when you're talking about Robinson Cano, he is a run producer, a middle of the infield player and also very durable."

McAdam goes on to call Cano "more of a difference-maker," which is saying something when you consider what Ellsbury brings to the table when healthy.

The drama between the Yankees and Cano began when the second baseman dropped uber-agent Scott Boras in favor of rapper Jay-Z. 

It escalated when Jay-Z demanded $300 million for his client. 

The Yankees scoffed and drew a firm line in the sand, which they stuck to throughout negotiations. 

The Mariners saw an opportunity and immediately pounced, luring Cano to Seattle with a deal that was roughly $50 million more than the Yankees were willing to offer. 

"You can understand, as much as the Yankees paid Ellsbury, at $153 million, it would've been nearly $90 million more to be able to keep Robinson Cano," says McAdam.  

Now, Cano gets the money he sought all along, but as McAdam puts it, "...probably not what he had planned when this whole thing began."