McAdam: 'Time to cut ties with Grady Sizemore'

McAdam: 'Time to cut ties with Grady Sizemore'
June 8, 2014, 10:00 pm
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Offensive production from Red Sox outfielders continues to be a problem for the team. 

The Baseball Show panel discussed possible solutions for the struggles. 

"I think John [Farrell] has to continue to run Daniel Nava out there." said Lou Merloni.  "As far as upside, he's the only [outfielder on the Red Sox], to me I think, that can hit .300 in this league." 

"He went down to Triple-A, but even when he came back, there was no real willingness to get him engaged there." said Tony Massarotti." Meanwhile, no one else has produced. Get him in there. Get him back in, see what you get, maybe he's turned the corner."

Sean McAdam agrees with Merloni and Massarotti, and even suggests a roster move to get Nava more playing time.

"What's the upside to Grady Sizemore at this point?" asked Sean McAdam. "In Spring Training it was a nice story… I think it's probably time to cut ties with Grady Sizemore."

"We've seen what Grady Sizemore is at this point. I think what he is, is a good spare part on a good team, a 4th or 5th [outfielder] to play a couple days a week."