McAdam: Sox unlikely to trade Lester or Lackey

McAdam: Sox unlikely to trade Lester or Lackey
June 6, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Entering play on Friday, the Red Sox were struggling at 27-32, nine games behind the A.L. East leading Blue Jays. 

Some have suggested that if things continue at this pace, the team should become sellers and look to get some pieces in exchange for Jon Lester and/or John Lackey.  

No way, says Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam. 

"I think it’s a tough message to send to this fan base that we’re giving up and quitting and selling off some assets, even if it brings back prospects in return."

Lester is currently 6-6 with a 3.15 ERA. There would certainly figure to be plenty of teams willing to pay a nifty fee for a battled-test, playoff-proven, World Champion, left-handed pitcher. But could the team really trade its ace? 

"I don’t see that even being the most remote possibility," says McAdam. [The Red Sox] have said, even though they low-balled him in their opening offer at the end of spring training, that they want to keep Jon Lester, that they want to re-sign him."

Lester will be a free agent after this season and if the Sox were to trade him, they could in theory re-sign him as a free agent. That, however, would add significant complexity to the negotiations. 

As for Lackey, the team has him under control next season for the major league minimum - just over a half million dollars. 

Lackey has also been extremely dependable since returning from Tommy John surgery. 

The Sox have a history of sticking things out, even in difficult seasons. Trading 40% of their starting rotation would be a surprising departure from that philosophy.