McAdam: Sox realize they made tactical error with Lester

McAdam: Sox realize they made tactical error with Lester
July 7, 2014, 6:30 am
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In the offseason, Jon Lester said he would take a hometown discount. 

The Red Sox' offer may have been lower than expected.

With the team potentially missing the playoffs, Sean McAdam believes the team needs to find a way to keep their ace.

"I think they realize they made a major tactical error in lowballing him when they did, when they could've signed him in spring training," said McAdam. "Now they have to make up for it, and now they have to keep Jon Lester."

Lou Merloni sees the Red Sox striking a deal before the season is over.

"They screwed this thing up in spring training," said Merloni. "The bottom line is Jon Lester wants to pitch here . . . I think it will get done right after or during the All-Star break."

"Lester did signal, 'I'll take less,'" said McAdam. "You can't say that and then hold out for Clayton Kershaw money. Five [years] for $120 [million] sounds about right, I think that gets a deal done . . .  I don't think it's out of the question that gets done over the [All-Star] break as a peace offering to a very unsatisfied fanbase."