McAdam: Phillies must eat cash to trade Papelbon

McAdam: Phillies must eat cash to trade Papelbon
December 6, 2013, 8:00 pm
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After losing out on Robinson Cano, the Yankees appear to have a boatload of money to spend. They also lost All-World closer Mariano Rivera to retirement.

Could former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon be their next target?

Not likely says Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam.

The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly trying to trade their closer, but Papelbon's albatross of a contract may make it a tough sell. Papelbon has two years left on his 4-year, $50 million deal.

"Even for the Yankees, I think they would want the Phillies to take some of that money back, with two guaranteed years left," says McAdam. "That's the problem of giving that kind of money and that long of a guarantee to a closer."

The Red Sox struck gold this year when Koji Uehara turned in one of the most dominant seasons in baseball history after taking over the closer's job mid-season. What made it even sweeter was that the team only paid Uehara $4.25 million. 

"To get into a situation where you're paying $13 or $14 million to a guy in [the closer's] role, it doesn't make sense," says McAdam. "So the phillies better be ready to take some of that money back, if they can find someone at all. My guess is the Yankees will focus more on starting pitching than the bullpen."