McAdam: Ortiz's comments "stunningly naive"

McAdam: Ortiz's comments "stunningly naive"
June 20, 2014, 8:45 pm
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David Ortiz on Wednesday was angry with the official scorer's ruling. Nothing unusual there.

But after the game he took the official scorer to task, suggesting that scorers should give home players the benefit of the doubt.

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam calls that belief "stunningly naive."

"That’s as ridiculous as saying the home plate umpire should help out the home team," says McAdam "They are employees of Major League Baseball and they are by definition supposed to be objective.

On Friday, Joe Torre, Major League Baseball's Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations, issued the following response to Ortiz's comments:

“Official scorers have a job to do, and by their very nature, their decisions don’t make everyone happy. But everyone in our game deserves respect. I hope that David will meet that standard going forward, because I don’t share the same views that he expressed. 

“Official scorers should never give any benefit of the doubt to the home team. We want their best judgment, based on the rules. We have a process to review the decisions that our scorers make. Even when there are inevitable disagreements, we expect everybody to act professionally and respect the game and the integrity of our scorers.”

"[MLB's response] certainly constitutes a slap-down of sorts," says McAdam. "No suspension, no fine, but some pretty harsh words from Joe Torre, who I know likes David and thinks highly of him... but in his position with Major League Baseball has to maintain some decorum and he feels that line got crossed."