McAdam: Expect Ellsbury to get Crawford-type deal

McAdam: Expect Ellsbury to get Crawford-type deal
November 13, 2013, 8:30 pm
Share This Post's Red Sox insider Sean McAdam joined "SportsNet Central" on Wednesday to discuss reports of free agent center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury seeking Carl Crawford-type money ($142 millon, seven years) on his new contract.

Ellsbury's agent, Scot Boras, told that in setting the asking price for Ellsbury, the seven-year, $142 million deal that Ellsbury's former teammate, Carl Crawford, signed with the Red Sox is the benchmark.

We all know how well that worked out for the Red Sox. Crawford was shipped off to the Dodgers along with his, and other bloated contracts, less than two years later and the Sox have since sworn off getting tied up in those kind of long-term mega-deals.

So, it appears Ellsbury's days in Boston are over. Does McAdam think Ellsbury will get that kind of deal somewhere else?

"I actually think he's going to get something close to the Crawford deal or benchmark," McAdam said. "Scott Boras is about to make the argument that as a leadoff hitter, which Crawford was never comfortable doing, and center fielder, a more demanding defensive position, Ellsbury is actually worth more than Crawford, and that was before all these teams had an extra $25 million in TV money to work with."

So while McAdam sees a team shelling out a 6- to 7-year deal at close to $140 million, "the Red Sox aren't going to be that team," he said, adding that he doesn't see the Red Sox going beyond the 5-year mark to retain Ellsbury.