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Lackey in mid-season form


Lackey in mid-season form

By Maureen Mullen

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- John Lackey approached his third start of the spring as if it was a regular season game. The result: 4 23 innings, giving up one run on six hits with no walks and three strikeouts in the Red Sox 9-2 win over the Marlins at City of Palms Park.

Today I kind of pitched more like I would during the season, he said. I incorporated a lot more pitches today, as oppose to the first two times I was pretty fastball- heavy. So today it was more like a regular season start and I was able to throw some off-speed pitches behind in the count and do some things that I need to do in the season.

Despite his approach today, hes still working on a few things, including his cutter.

I probably only threw four or five of them, he said. Had one little backdoor one for a strikeout, which was nice. Located that one good.

After Lackey got Emilio Bonifacio to fly out for the first out of the fifth inning, manager Terry Francona came out to get the right-hander. Lackey had thrown 75 pitches, 49 for strikes.

I thought he was good, Francona said. He gave up some hits, but I never felt like he was out of control of the game. Gave up some base hits but only gave up the one run. Always seemed like he was in command of what he was doing. Changed speeds. I thought he did fine.

Francona wanted Lackey to start the fifth to get the feel for getting ready for that number of innings.

Me not being a pitcher, I dont know that, but when you talk to pitching coaches they really want that, Francona said. That up and down is important as we continue to try and stretch them out, get them stronger. So we knew he was going to go out for one hitter. Im not trying to get in the middle of the game and make a bunch of pitching changes but we wanted him to get that other up and down. Thats just something in the progression of getting ready.

Lackey expects to be back on a five-day schedule before his next start, adding an extra day into his routine after preparing for the start of the season.

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Tanguay: I officially hate the Red Sox

Tanguay: I officially hate the Red Sox

I hope the Red Sox lose every game the rest of season, except when Chris Sale pitches, and have no shot at the post season.

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. What a bunch of babies!

Are they a professional sports organization or a pre-school? Right now they seem to be the latter, which makes them the highest valued pre-school, at 2.7 billion, in the history of pre-K academia.

When I read my friend Rob Bradford’s report that a source told him Dustin Pedroia was not near David Price when the crybaby lefty went after Dennis Eckersley on the team plane, I said, “ENOUGH!”

I yelled with the same tone I scream at my kids when they are fighting over something stupid.

I believe Rob Bradford, always have an always will. I also believe what Fred Toucher had to say on CSN this morning when he was told Dusty Two Sacks (Fred’s term) was one of the Price-ettes when they verbally mugged Eck. 

This is what happens with my kids. One says the other did it, then the other says the other did it. Well, you get the idea. Then I simply declare, “You’re all guilty.” I don’t care who hit whom when or took whatever from whom just like I don’t care if Pedroia was cheering on the abuse of Eck or not. 


John Henry should be ashamed of the way his team has behaved. These grown men have all been acting like petulant children. I have seen plenty of immaturity over the years with the four local teams, but nothing like this.

One person, who is with the team on a regular basis, told me there is nothing to like about the players on this team. The inmates are running the asylum and playing the role of McMurphy is David Price. 

What a gutless, immature, little child. Is it any surprise that he wets his pants in the playoffs? Give him some Pampers for the post season, maybe that will help. 

Price claims to stand up for his teammates, which is bull. This guy is all about himself. His so-called sticking up for his mates has resulted in a media firestorm and finger-pointing in the clubhouse.

“Pedroia you were there.”

“No way, I wasn’t there.”

You know what Boston Red Sox? I wish you weren’t here at all.

Rangers' Darvish has Red Sox on no-trade list


Rangers' Darvish has Red Sox on no-trade list

Not that they need him -- they have other, far more pressing needs than starting pitching -- but the Red Sox couldn't get Yu Darvish, the subject of trade rumors with the deadline approaching, even if they wanted to.

Per Ken Rosenthal:

Interesting that last year's two World Series participants, the Cubs and Indians, are with the Red Sox on Darvish's no-trade list, which indicates he made these decisions based on factors other than chasing a ring.

The Sox' biggest worry, of course, is that the Rangers will trade Darvish to the Yankees, who are short of starting pitching. But the talk more and more is that Texas -- light years behind Houston in the A.L. West race but only 4 1/2 games back of Kansas City for the second wild-card spot -- will hold onto its ace right-hander at least until the end of the season.