Henry 1-on-1 with McAdam: 'I'm very optimistic about this year'


Henry 1-on-1 with McAdam: 'I'm very optimistic about this year'

John Henry understands, and is comforted by, the understanding that Red Sox Nation gets it.

"One of the advantages we have in this . . . area, is that we have extremely knowledgeable baseball fans," the Red Sox owner told CSNNE.com's Sean McAdam in a one-on-one interview for Friday's 'The Baseball Show'. "So if they feel like that you're headed in the right direction, you don't necessarily have to win in any given year."

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But that doesn't mean the Sox aren't going all out in 2013. Quite the contrary.

"I don't think anyone wants to win now more than we do . . . And from my perspective, I think we have a very good chance to win this year," he said. "I'm very optimistic about this year."

He also added: "Our main consideration, what occupies our thoughts, really, is getting back on a winning track . . . In my mind, at least, there's a really strong feeling about this team and where we're headed this year."

One of the reasons: He thinks the new troops are just as excited about being here as he is:

"Players want to play in Boston. Last year might have been an exception. But since we've been here, players want to be in Boston. And players that I have seen this week, and saw today, are really excited about what baseball means in this community and to be a part of this great franchise."

And talk of the team not spending money, he says, is just not true.

"We're hopeful of doing a deal with Jacoby Ellsbury. We'll have Jon Lester and Dustin Pedroia coming up. So it's not just free agency. We have done a lot of long-term deals -- including with a couple of the players that I just mentioned; home-grown, you might say, deals -- so I don't think people should worry about that aspect."