Hardy on replay: 'If they aren't getting calls right, what's the point?'

Hardy on replay: 'If they aren't getting calls right, what's the point?'
April 19, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Another replay review burned the Red Sox again in their 8-4 loss to the Orioles in the series opener. Nick Markakis' first-pitch-of-the-game-double down the left field line was shown to be a foul ball by the NESN cameras.

Apparently the umps didn't thinks so after looking at the replay, which they apparently told Sox manager John Farrell was inconclusive, they upheld the original call of a fair ball. Markakis, of course, came around to score Baltimore's first run.

"We follow the steps that are available to us and unfortunately, the call stands," Farrell said after the game.

On Sports Tonight, Rob "Hardy" Poole of 98.5 The Sports Hub, talked about the disastrous start to the new system.

"This is what wwe talked about before the start of the season and how it was going to be utilized. If you're a traditionalists, old school, new school, it was, 'As long as they're getting it right,'" Hardy told CSNNE's Tom E. Curran. "If you're a fan of this game, regardless of team, and they're not getting the call right [even after replay], then what's the point? It becomes even more maddening tham watching them just screw up a [initial] call."

Curran compared it the NFL system and said, "This should be easier. That's a simple call. You can see where the ball dents...It's maddening."

Said Hardy: "That was the anti-John McEnroe. The ball was not on the line. Chalk did not fly up. It was a foul ball. I hate to be as dismissive and as reductive as to say, 'Hey, whoever is looking at this replay is just stupid', but I think they're just stupid. I think they're dumb."