Hardy: Lester shouldn't be insulted by Sox offer

Hardy: Lester shouldn't be insulted by Sox offer
July 12, 2014, 6:45 am
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The Sports Tonight crew discusses the Jon Lester contract situation and Larry Lucchino's admission that the Red Sox made a mistake by submitting a low initial offer. 

"[Red Sox ownership is] trying to maintain some control of the situation and start the negotiation process," says Rob "Hardy" Poole.

Lucchino's mea culpa is an attempt to soothe any hard feelings. Feelings that Poole says are unnecessary.

"I don’t really believe that Jon Lester is or should be all that insulted by [the initial offer],” says Poole, adding that this is just the way that business is done in baseball.

Lester requested that negotiation be put on hold until after the season, a strategic move according to Poole.

“I just think that maybe Jon Lester’s side of it is taking the ‘stopping the negotiation’ tactic as their method of negotiation," says Poole. "It’s the most powerful method in negotiation. Silence.”  

Kevin Paul Dupont says the contract negotiations could have been wrapped up with a bow in spring training, but the Red Sox botched the situation.

“Their platform was basically hubris," says Dupont. "They had won the World Series. How did they win the World Series? How did they prevail last year? By getting a lot of sort of middle range guys and riding that and it all worked out. It was Camelot.

"They’re empowered by what they did, their method... Their strategy was poor from the start. They should have come to a more realistic number and kept the conversation going."

Now the Red Sox must hope it's not too late to fix their mistake.