Hardy, Holley: Better Sox pitcher, Clemens or Pedro?

Hardy, Holley: Better Sox pitcher, Clemens or Pedro?
August 15, 2014, 8:00 am
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Now that Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez are both enshrined in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, the debate will wage on, who was the better Red Sox pitcher?

Hardy from 98.5 The Sports Hub joined Sports Tonight to discuss with Michael Holley and Bob Neumeier.

"I side with Pedro on this one," said Hardy. "If you're talking about careers, then it gets into a little murkier water. But I think Pedro, with what he did in his time [in Boston], the accomplishments he had while there. As a team, you have to give it to Pedro."

Michael Holley believes fans may forget how important Clemens was when he was a member of the Red Sox.

"Roger Clemens was a great Red Sox pitcher, and he was a great, for the most part, Red Sox representative," said Holley. "All the anger you feel for Roger Clemens or all the things you're saying at your [computer or phone] right now when you see Roger Clemens. That is mostly from, 'I want to like closer to home as a free agent, now I go to Toronto. I get traded from Toronto and go to New York' and all the steroids, Brian McNamee stuff."