Gresh: Who’s to blame for Sox departed players?

Gresh: Who’s to blame for Sox departed players?
August 7, 2014, 6:30 am
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Gresh and Tanguay give their take on who was to blame for Sox players leaving town.

Since being traded by the Red Sox to St. Louis, John Lackey hasn't seemed all that sentimental about his four years in Boston.

On Arbella Early Edition, Andy Gresh takes a look at some Red Sox players who didn't exactly enjoy their time with the Red Sox.

John Lackey

"I don't think Lackey has a ton to complain about," said Gresh. "He didn't pitch very well, he's the one that signed the contract that got everyone talking. Quite honestly, I thought people were out on the guy and by the time he left people were back in on John Lackey. It was bumpy, but boy oh boy, he made a lot of money for only half a contract worth of production."

Carl Crawford

"He wasn't tough enough to play here, end of story," said Gresh. "Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, same thing. They're ninnies and could not play here."

A.J. Pierzynski

"He came as advertised and we didn't want to buy into it," said Gresh. "We were hopeful that he would be more that he was and he was exactly as advertised. This one's on us."