Gresh: Is trading Lester the Red Sox best option?

Gresh: Is trading Lester the Red Sox best option?
July 29, 2014, 6:00 am
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The Red Sox are shopping Jon Lester and -- if they're not going to sign him -- Andy Gresh approves. Not Gary Tanguay, though.

The Jon Lester trade rumors continue to swirl.

On Arbella Early Edition, Andy Gresh and Gary Tanguay discussed if dealing Lester is the best move for the Red Sox.

"If they really are not going to sign him, they have to trade him," said Gresh. 

Red Sox management is taking a lot of criticism for standing by their philosophy to not hand out a big deal to an aging pitcher.

"I think you set your business philosophy and live and die by it," said Gresh. "The Patriots have done it, other teams have done it. When you engage in bad business, you just don't win and you don't win consistently."

With the team sticking to their policy, Gary Tanguay worries they are going to become a small-market team.

"In this case I think it's going to come back to haunt them," said Tanguay. "Are we going to become the Minnesota Red Sox? Are going to become the Boston Athletics?"

Gresh wants Tanguay to stop worrying.

"They're paying an aging DH because he whined and complained," said Gresh. "The owner was like, 'Aw, I love you. Give me a hug.' That contract in and of itself tells you they're not going to become the Minnesota Red Sox."