Gomes: Still focused on winning the division

Gomes: Still focused on winning the division
July 4, 2014, 9:15 pm
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It's been a frustrating year for the Red Sox and their fans. The offense hasn't clicked since the team was in Fort Myers, and every time they seem to gain a little bit of ground in the standings, the Red Sox take an ugly step backwards like they did against the Cubs. 

Jessica Moran speaks with Jonny Gomes after Friday's rainout to get a sense of the team's mindset. 

"We’ve still got those baseball junkies inside [the clubhouse]," says Gomes. "We want to get inside the lines and turn it around.”

After the Sox were swept this week by the Cubs, many have suggested that it's time to start breaking up the team and rebuilding for next season.  

"I think up until this point we’ve just filtered out all the bandwagon fans," says Gomes.

"The mood [among the players] is still upbeat… I’m going to ride or die with these guys. We’re not mathematically eliminated by any means." 

No one has really separated from the pack in the A.L. East, and with two Wild Card spots, the Sox still have a chance (albeit a small one) to make the playoffs. But Gomes doesn't want to hear about the Wild Card.

"Our mind is still set on winning the division," says Gomes. "There’s no reason we can’t [win the East]."

They might have trouble accomplishing the goal if they continue to strand men on base and score less than two runs per game, but maybe Gomes' American flag bat can ignite the offense...