'Frustrated' Sox hit the road looking for answers

'Frustrated' Sox hit the road looking for answers
May 22, 2014, 11:00 pm
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BOSTON - If the Red Sox ship is in fact sinking during this seven-game losing streak, nobody on board seems to be jumping.

No, the music isn't blaring in the clubhouse. There isn't a bunch of jokes being thrown around at one another, at least that I've heard. 

The mood isn't one that you'd enjoy at a party - and it shouldn't be. But it's also not a locker room filled with panic.

The Red Sox know they're better than this, being swept at home in back-to-back series. They hit .228 as a team over the six-game homestand, and their starters' ERA was 7.74.

"Obviously we're a little frustrated," Dustin Pedroia said. "We got to play better. That's it. We got to play one pitch at a time. We can't start winning games, 'Oh we're going to win 10 in a row.' No, we're going to win the next pitch. That's how we've got to start thinking."

The Sox didn't win many pitches this week. Whether it was their pitching staff getting hit around by players like Detroit's Miguel Cabrera or Toronto's Edwin Encarnacion, or pitchers like - well, any pitcher on the Tigers - and Mark Buehrle limiting the Sox offense, Boston looked lost on both sides of the ball.

"We're trying to find a way to win," Pedroia said. "Obviously they outplayed us both series. We didn't play very good. Both teams were better than us. They out-hit us, they out-pitched us, played better D, so you're going to lose when you do that."

One player on the Sox who particularly struggled after a hot road trip was David Ortiz. You can count the number of hits Ortiz had in this homestand on one hand. He had just two hits - both singles - and is currently in a 0-for-17 slump. Those numbers aren't going to bother him though.

"I don't even think about it, I just keep on swinging," Ortiz said. "I will get hot, trust me." 

But with Mike Napoli out, it's been hard for Ortiz to do that. Teams can afford to pitch around Ortiz knowing that the power bat that usually follows isn't there. That's not a surprise to John Farrell.

"Well sure," Farrell said. "That's common. You're going to game plan around a key member of the lineup and manage it the best you can and not let that one particular hitter create any damage or hurt you in a game situation."

Napoli has been out with flu-like symptoms, including dehydration, but sounds ready to return soon. That'll be a big boost to an offense that desperately needs one.

And with that boost, hopefully a win. All it takes is one to get the ball rolling in the other direction and make a quiet clubhouse just a bit louder.

Ortiz didn't have an answer for what the overall attitude was in the clubhouse after Thursday's loss, but he did say he could tell us about his. 

"I'm going to come back tomorrow and kick some ass," he said.