'Five from the Fort' with Mike Napoli

'Five from the Fort' with Mike Napoli
February 20, 2014, 1:30 am
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It was Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli's turn to play "Five from the Fort" as he takes some rapid fire questions from our panel of Jessica Moran, Lou Merloni and Sean McAdam on The Baseball Show.

Have you pieced together the hours after the World Series victory parade?

"I think I have to look at the pictures to piece it together. The problem was we clinched, then it was my birthday the next day... I'll have to go and look the pictures."

His reaction to a clean-shaven Jonny Gomes?

"I saw pictures on Twitter. He looked a lot younger. A lot slimmer...I was a little disappointed. He's type of person that the beard was last year and he's going to try something new."

With his days as a catcher over, what does he miss the least from the position and what does he miss the most?

"Least is the beating you take back there...Part I missed the most is the game planning, working with the pitchers, the chess match."

His US-Canada Olympic hockey prediction?

"I think it'll be a good game. Two good teams. Two young teams. I think it'll be 2-2 late in the third. US scores a late goal to win it."

Anybody annoy you when they get to first base in a game?

"Maybe [the Indians' Nick] Swisher. He talks a little too much."