Fight Club for the Sox?


Fight Club for the Sox?

So, there was another melee today at Patriots training camp. In fact, there were two. Man, its like Fight Club over there these days. I keep waiting for Bill Belichick to cancel practice so the team can stay in and make soap.

Actually, Belichick pretends that he doesnt like the in-fighting. Just today, he made the whole team AND coaching staff (thank God Charlie Weis isn't still around) run three laps as punishment. But deep down, you know he loves this kind of intensity. He loves how personal everyone is taking Training Camp. Sure, he doesnt want to see anyone get injured, but hed rather have a few fights than no fights at all.

Speaking of which, I wonder if that kind of approach could work for the Red Sox?

I mean, at this point they've tried everything else. Tomorrow afternoon, why doesn't everyone get to the park early and just beat the hell out of each other? Have an old school Anchorman-style brawl. Sort out all the BS. Settle all the scores.

And at the end, everyone hugs and goes back to playing baseball.

Why not, right?

Either that, or the Sox could just step up, take three very winnable games from a miserable Minnesota Twins team and let winning cure what ails them. But that would be way too easy.

Fight Club it is.

Everyone have a good weekend.

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Chris Sale and David Price discuss golfing and video gaming together

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